Silage Corn

Silage corn harvest

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Brevant seeds is committed to bringing you silage corn hybrids with nutritional and digestibility qualities you can’t find anywhere else. Our focused portfolio of silage corn hybrids is backed by industry-leading research and proven through local testing.

What are BMR hybrids?

BMR hybrids produce forage that has reliably lower lignin content. BMR forage is typically about 10 percentage points higher in fiber digestibility than non-BMR corn hybrids since lignin is completely indigestible. BMR hybrids have been bred to deliver competitive forage yield and agronomic traits.

Brevant BMR hybrids can deliver improved profitability for your operation.



Silage Corn

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B90N18SXE - BMR Silage hybrid

This hybrid requires a separate refuge for insect resistance management.  It is a great silage product that produces excellent whole plant and fiber digestibility scores. As an added benefit it also has the Enlist corn trait for tolerance to the Enlist Duo™ herbicide.  

Silage corn harvest

BMR Corn Hybrids

BMR hybrids from Brevant seeds contain a naturally occurring gene (bm3) that notably improves fibre digestibility. This increased digestibility means increased dry matter intake and milk production.

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This BMR silage hybrid has strong tonnage and high neutral detergent fiber scores. Want tall plant stature with a full canopy density? This is the hybrid for you.


Plant Height:

 VT = Very Tall; T = Tall; MT = Medium-Tall; M = Medium; MS = Medium-Short; S = Short

Kernel Texture:

SS = Soft; MS = Moderately Soft; M = Medium; MH = Moderately Hard

Ear Type:  

F = Flex; SF = Semi-Flex; SD = Semi-Determinant; D = Determinant

NFC Rating:  

Non-fibre carbohydrates consisting of starch, sugar, pectin and fermentation acids that serve as energy sources for the animal

WP Digestibility:

Whole plant digestibility value (higher = less loss)

NDF Digestibility:

Neutral Detergent Fiber, measure of the digestibility of the fiber composed of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin (higher rating means that a greater proportion of the NDF is available to be digested, which may lead to greater feed intake)

Dairy Type:

Measure that includes 50% of NDF digestibility value and 50% of WP digestibility value. Dairy Type value indicates global quality of the feed and feed intake.

Beef Type:  

Measure that includes 50% of NFC Rating and 50% of WP digestibility value. Beef Type value indicates the energy content and digestibility of the feed.


1 = Poor; 9 = Excellent; R = Recommended; - = Rating not available

Herbicide Tolerance:

RR2 = glyphosate; LL = Liberty


Final plant population recommendations include assumptions that soil fertility and moisture holding capacity are sufficient to sustain the crop at recommended populations. Corn CHU ratings shown are for Eastern Canada; typically corn CHU ratings for Western Canada would be 100-150 heat units less.

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