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Reduced Corn Rootworm Adult Emergence with RNAi

Ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) technology has been commercialized to provide an additional unique mode of action for protection against corn rootworm and is available in Corteva Agriscience seed brands in Vorceed™ Enlist® corn.


Field Performance of Vorceed Enlist CRW Traits

The Vorceed Enlist traits provided a significant advantage at locations with a history of continuous corn production.


Tips for Planting Large Canola Seed

Planting rates are affected by seed size so it is important to know the thousand seed weight (TSW) of the seed you have purchased so that you can estimate your final plant stand.


Verticillium Stripe of Canola

Verticillium stripe is a soil-borne disease of canola first found in Canada in 2014 in Manitoba. Learn about disease facts, symptoms, scouting tips and management of verticillium stripe in Canada.


Latest canola seed advancements give Western Canadian growers more protection against clubroot

In 2021, we released two new CR packages, CR4 and CR5. Both deliver new resistance genes in an effective clubroot stack, provide excellent yield, great agronomics and are a robust clubroot management tool that promote CR genetics stewardship.

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