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Smart tips to protect your canola from Sclerotinia

Sclerotinia stem rot is one of the most predominant canola diseases in Western Canada, observed in 80 per cent of surveyed crops in a 2020 study, and causing up to 50 per cent yield loss.


Assessing Winterkill in a Winter Wheat Crop

Winterkill occurs when the crown of dormant wheat is damaged by freezing conditions.


Tar Spot

Corteva scientists have been studying tar spot and screening hybrids to develop a rating scale to communicate a hybrid’s level of tolerance.


Brevant® seeds soybeans and Acapela™ fungicide, the Perfect Pair

Pair Brevant seeds soybeans with Acapela™ fungicide to provide complete coverage and superior protection against key diseases like white mould.


Brevant® seeds corn and Destra™ IS herbicide, the Perfect Pair.

Choosing Destra IS™ herbicide protects your Brevant seeds corn crop and enables it to reach its full potential, it’s the perfect pair.

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Learn about the Brevant® seeds portfolio and leading Corteva Agriscience™, Crop Protection solutions available to ensure your seed is set up for success.

Flowering canola crop

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Soybean seedlings

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