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The Perfect Pair for cleaning up weedy fields: Brevant™ seeds Roundup Ready® Canola + Eclipse™ XC

Brevant seeds offers high-yielding Roundup Ready canola hybrids, consistent performance and superior agronomic traits. Add Eclipse XC herbicide for outstanding, season-long weed control, and you have a winning combination.


Benefits from BMR corn for your dairy herd

If higher milk production is what you’re after, there’s no comparison. Brevant™ seeds BMR corn silage offers outstanding fibre digestibility, which leads to higher feed consumption among high producing cows.


The three-way power of Clearfield canola

The trouble with weeds is that they’re so adaptable. Controlling tough weeds, including herbicide-resistant weeds, is definitely becoming more challenging as they find ways to survive.


Maximizing canola yields with harvest flexibility

Proper harvest management is key to maximizing your canola yields, but when balancing heavy workloads with weather and field conditions, it isn’t always easy or straightforward.


‘Talking Resistance’ - Managing and preventing fungicide-resistance

Fungicide resistance is becoming a growing problem in Canadian agriculture, impacting the yield and quality of several crops across the country.

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Learn about the Brevant™ seeds portfolio and leading Corteva Agriscience™, Crop Protection solutions available to ensure your seed is set up for success.

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