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Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola

Grow YOUR yields and profits with the Nexera® Trait Grower Advantage.

canola field

Demand for high-quality, healthy food isn't going to stall

The Nexera® canola trait, offered exclusively through Brevant® seeds, provides growers access to the growing global market for high-value,
high-stability oil. And it’s backed by a 25-year legacy of proven success that’s driven to future-proof Canada’s canola potential.

Now is the time to start growing Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola. Here’s why.

The Nexera® Trait Grower Advantage

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Becoming a Brevant® seeds Nexera® grower means you’ll have a production contract that provides you access to a differentiated canola market, helping you to secure cash flow and lock in profitability.

The Nexera® Trait Profit Advantage

Expand your marketing options and profit potential in our premium and secure market for your canola.

By growing Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, you’re ensuring you’re getting the most from your crop. Higher yields mean more bushels. Contracts with differentiated market access anchor your profits even before your crop is in the ground. Cash flow becomes more dependable, and your business plans for the following year—and beyond—become much smoother.

The Brevant® seeds Nexera® Canola Hybrid Advantage

Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola hybrids provide you with high yield potential, strong standability, harvest options and include industry-leading protection against clubroot, blackleg, and fusarium—helping you grow a canola crop that performs, with strong profits at harvest.

The Nexera® Marketing Flexibility Advantage

As a Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola grower, you can put your farm business first: work with your cash flow needs and choose a delivery timeline that works best for you. 

The Nexera® Trait Health Advantage

Help transform the global food industry with healthier and more sustainable ingredients for future generations. Experts anticipate the demand for canola oil will continue to increase, due to its many advantages for the food industry and consumers, including health impact and increased versatility.

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Still Not Convinced You Should Become A Brevant® seeds Nexera® Canola Grower?

We serve the business-minded farmer who chooses to grow contract canola as a part of their profit-driven operation.

Our growers trust the innovative portfolio of performance traits, valued crop protection solutions and leading seed brands from Corteva Agriscience™.

Growers who choose to grow the Nexera® trait have access to hybrids with leading disease resistance and harvest options, through either the Clearfield® or Roundup Ready® systems.

Our growers supply leading global food companies with high-quality, high-stability canola oil needed for healthier and more sustainable ingredients, including McDonald’s and PepsiCo.

Our growers choose to partner with leading grain companies to buy and process their canola to the Nexera® trait specifications of our food industry customers, including Richardson, Viterra, LDC and Bunge.

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The Heat Advantage™ program is insurance underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation and arranged for by Global Ag Risk Solutions Corp under a policy to be issued to Corteva Agriscience Canada Company with effect on January 1, 2023. Policy terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. The Heat Advantage™ program is subject to change upon notice.