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Introducing The Heat Advantage™

Available exclusively with Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, The Heat Advantage™1 provides up to $100/ac of built-in protection against heat blast during the critical flowering development stage of canola. Don’t be left holding the bag when heat blast hits. Get the only canola brand on the market that shares the risk of heat. Contact your grain contractor to book by December 15th, 2021.

Heat blast devasted canola yields in 2020.

Heat blast affected nine in 10 canola townships across Canada in 2020, resulting in a nationwide loss of more than 50 million bushels and $525 million in combined revenue. Learn how The Heat Advantage™ can help protect your canola investment and increase your peace of mind*.

*Source: Based on estimates produced by Global Ag Risk Solutions. In 2020, 6,763 of 7,518 (90%) canola-growing townships experienced at least one full day of heat that exceeded the maximum temperature thresholds of 29°C of daytime heat and 17°C of overnight heat exposure, resulting in $525 million in combined revenue loss.

Introducing a canola industry first.

The Heat Advantage™, available exclusively with Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, provides up to $100/ac of built-in protection against heat blast during the critical flowering development stage. No lengthy review process. No on-farm adjusters.

Protect your canola investment.

The Heat Advantage™ is insurance arranged for by Global Ag Risk Solutions under a policy to be issued to Corteva Agriscience2. Pulling from more than 40 years of temperature and canola yield data analysis, this industry-leading parametric insurance product provides an accurate, data-driven claims process.

Explaining your heat blast coverage

A Heat Blast Unit (HBU) is a calculated unit of excess heat that your canola crop is exposed to while flowering. HBUs are measured by the number of degrees that exceeds 29°C during the day and 17°C during the evening. For example, after your field hits 525 Growing Degree Days, which indicates when your canola plants are in the critical flowering stage, your coverage period begins. If daytime temperatures reach 32°C (+3 HBUs) and nighttime temperatures hit 19°C (+2 HBUs) during your coverage period, that’s a daily total of 5 HBUs*.

When HBUs total 20 during the coverage period, you get paid $5/ac for every HBU over and above 20 HBUs, up to a maximum of 40 HBUs.

HBUs You get: HBUs You get:
21 $5/ac 31 $55/ac
22 $10/ac 32 $60/ac
23 $15/ac 33 $65/ac
24 $20/ac 34 $70/ac
25 $25/ac 35 $75/ac
26 $30/ac 36 $80/ac
27 $35/ac 37 $85/ac
28 $40/ac 38 $90/ac
29 $45/ac 39 $95/ac
30 $50/ac 40 $100/ac

*For illustration purposes only. Maximum temperature thresholds may vary by location for product optimization. 29°C is used as an example to illustrate the calculation.

The Heat Advantage™ provides up to $100/ac in protection, right out of the bag. Booking deadline is December 15, 2021.

How your coverage works

Upon purchase of your Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, and prior to seeding, you will receive personalized access to the site that will allow you to access your farm-specific heat blast coverage. 

Farm View

Get a unique view of your field, customized to location and seed application dates.

Coverage View

View a Heat Blast Index for your specific township, backed by 40 years of temperature and canola yield data analysis, to better understand your coverage.

GDD Monitoring

View your daily Growing Degree Day (GDD)3 accumulation and thresholds, the projected date your individual coverage period will activate, your number of covered acres (based on units of Brevant™ seeds Nexera® canola purchased) and your policy status on that date. Coverage starts when you reach 525 GDD.

HBU and claim view

HBU and Claim View

Once your coverage period begins, view a running tally of your accumulated Heat Blast Units (HBUs). See how HBUs are measured here

This is for illustration purposes only. Process is subject to change.


Arranged through Global Ag Risk Solutions under a policy to be issued to Corteva Agriscience.

If Heat Blast Units (HBUs) on your farm exceed 20 during your coverage period, industry-leading satellite technology will detect the heat event and quantify the HBUs, and you’ll be paid $5/acre for every HBU above 20 (up to a maximum of 40 HBUs).*

*Maximum temperature thresholds may vary by location for product optimization.

Learn how it works


Contact your grain contractor to book by December 15th, 2021


Grow Canada’s most profitable canola

Independent, third-party market data* verifies that Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola hybrids are the most profitable canola for western Canadian farmers.

*Results are averaged over 2018, 2019 and 2020 and factor in the costs of seed, fertilizer, herbicides, yields and canola at the grower’s market/contractual prices. Source: Global Ag Risk Solutions.

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1The Heat Advantage™ program is insurance underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation and arranged for by Global Ag Risk Solutions Corp under a policy to be issued to Corteva Agriscience Canada Company with effect on January 1, 2022. Policy terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. The Heat Advantage™ program is subject to change upon notice.

2Conditions Apply. Upon notice, The Heat Advantage™ terms and conditions may change.

3Growing Degree Days (GDD) is a weather-based indicator for assessing canola crop development. It is a calculation used by crop producers, that is a measure of heat accumulation used to predict plant development rates for key growth stages. It is calculated by averaging daily maximum and daily minimum temperatures for each day and subtracting the assumed minimum base temperature of 5°C required for growth to proceed.