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Optimum® GLY Canola

Unlock the genetic potential of your canola with our new Optimum® GLY — a herbicide-tolerant trait technology designed to deliver top yield potential and agronomic trait performance. 

The Optimum® GLY Advantage

Improved crop safety


Make herbicide applications at the time and rate you need without impacting the yield potential of the hybrid.

Enhanced, broad-spectrum control

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Optimum® GLY is an excellent weed control system that delivers improved annual and perennial weed control over competitive herbicide systems.

Greater spraying convenience and flexibility

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Optimum® GLY hybrids extend the application window, providing you with the flexibility to maximize weed removal, cover large acres, clean up late weed flushes, and safeguard against yield impact from late-season applications.

Brevant® seeds Optimum® GLY Canola
Discover our new, high-yielding Optimum® GLY canola hybrid B4015.

Rates and Application

If you’re looking to maximize your weed control options in canola, choose Brevant® seeds Optimum® GLY – you decide how and when to spray without sacrificing yield potential.

Optimum GLY Flex Rates
Optimum GLY Flex Rates

Optimum® GLY is registered to control some of the toughest weeds in canola, such as cleavers, foxtail barley, dandelion and more. Plus, it has an excellent safety profile and can be applied up to first flower without impacting the yield potential of the crop.

Optimum GLY Weed Control Timing Chart
Optimum GLY Weed Control Timing Chart

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