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High Yields, Clubroot Resistance and Harvest Options

Brevant® seeds has the canola lineup that will make a difference to your bottom line by providing you with the flexibility to make the right agronomic and marketing choice for your farm.

Why do our growers rank us as a leader in customer satisfaction?*
Brevant® seeds offers high-yielding canola hybrids with clubroot resistance, harvest options, and marketing opportunity with a premium, now available in Roundup Ready®, Clearfield® and LibertyLink®** herbicide tolerant systems. A new Optimum® GLY*** canola hybrid is on the way, making Brevant seeds one of the first canola seed brands to offer farmers all four herbicide tolerant systems.

*Based on third party research ranking Brevant seeds as a leader in customer satisfaction in 2020
**LibertyLink® is a registered trademark of BASF.
***Pending approval in relevant export countries.


Canola Hybrids

Maturity: 6 = Medium; 5 = Medium-Early
G = Good
VG = Very Good

BASF® and Clearfield® are registered trademarks of BASF Agrochemical Products. B.V. Monsanto BioAg and Design, Roundup® and Roundup Ready® are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada, Inc. licensee.

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You deserve less downside.

Don’t be left holding the bag when heat blast hits. Available exclusively with Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, The Heat Advantage™ provides up to $100/ac of built-in protection against heat blast. Conditions apply.

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Powerful Hybrids

Our hybrids offer consistent and reliable performance, leading genetics and local testing, so you can be confident they will perform on your farm.

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Brevant® seeds D3158CM offers high yields and consistent performance with the strength of HarvestMax maximum yield management and clubroot traits.

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NEW! B2030MN

Brevant® seeds B2030MN has very good early growth, clubroot and blackleg resistance and comes with the HarvestMax maximum yield management trait, the Clearfield® and the Nexera® trait.

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NEW! B1030N

Brevant® seeds B1030N is a new, high-yielding hybrid with an excellent clubroot and blackleg package, plus strong standability. It comes with the Nexera® trait.

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Seed Guide

Learn about the Brevant® seeds portfolio and leading Corteva Agriscience™, Crop Protection solutions available to ensure your seed is set up for success.

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Western Seed Guide

Take a look inside to learn about our industry-leading canola hybrids and soybean varieties. 

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Eastern Seed Guide

Take a look inside to learn about our industry-leading corn, soybean, winter wheat and alfalfa hybrids and varieties.

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Leading the industry in clubroot resistance

As one of two premium seed brands offered by Corteva Agriscience, we continue to advance new sources of clubroot resistance to help Western Canadian farmers better manage this growing threat. Today, you can choose from a portfolio of Brevant clubroot resistant canola hybrids for your farm. 

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