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High Yields, Clubroot Resistance and Harvest Options

Brevant® seeds has the canola lineup that will make a difference to your bottom line by providing you with the flexibility to make the right agronomic and marketing choice for your farm.

Brevant® seeds offers high-yielding canola hybrids with clubroot resistance, harvest options, and marketing opportunity with a premium, now available in Roundup Ready®, Clearfield® and LibertyLink®* herbicide tolerant systems. A new Optimum® GLY** canola hybrid is on the way, making Brevant seeds one of the first canola seed brands to offer farmers all four herbicide tolerant systems.

*LibertyLink® is a registered trademark of BASF.
**Pending approval in relevant export countries.


Canola Hybrids

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Brevant seeds canola hybrids are protected by the LumiGEN® canola seed treatment package.


Canola footnotes

IMPORTANT: Trait rating scores provide key information useful in selection and management of Brevant® seeds brand products in your area Information and ratings are based on comparisons with other Brevant products, not competitive products. Information and scores are assigned by Corteva Research Managers. Scores are based on period-of-years testing through 2021 harvest and were the latest available at time of printing. Some scores may change after 2022 harvest. Scores represent an average of performance data across areas of adaptation, multiple growing conditions, and a wide range of both climate and soil types, and may not predict future results. Individual product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Please use this information as only one component of your product positioning decision. Refer to or contact your local Territory Manager for the latest and most complete listing of traits and scores for each Brevant brand product.

  • MATURITY SCORE: 5 = Medium-Early; 6 = Medium.
  • HERBICIDE TOLERANT TRAIT: Hybrids with the Roundup Ready® gene (RR) are tolerant to labelled rates of Roundup® branded herbicides. This technology allows for post-emergent applications of Roundup without crop injury or stress (see herbicide label). Labelled Roundup herbicide should only be used over the top of those hybrids and varieties that carry the Roundup Ready designation. Hybrids with the CLEARFIELD® trait (CL) are tolerant to labelled rates of Ares™ SN herbicides. This technology allows for post-emergent applications of these herbicides without crop injury or stress (see herbicide label). Labelled herbicides should only be used over the top of those hybrids and varieties that contain the CLEARFIELD trait. Genuity® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks used with permission of the company Monsanto®. Hybrids with the LibertyLink® gene (LL) are resistant to Liberty® herbicide. Liberty®, LibertyLink® and the Water Droplet Design are trademarks of BASF.

  • CLUBROOT RATING: R = Resistant
  • CLUBROOT SOURCE: Shows different source of clubroot resistance. CR1 is different from CR2; CR2 is different from CR3; etc.
  • BLACKLEG RATING: R = Resistant
  • BLACKLEG SCORE: 9 = Outstanding; 1 = Poor
  • FUSARIUM WILT: R = Resistant; S = Susceptible
  • VERTICILLIUM STRIPE: 9 = Resistant; 1 = Susceptible
  • POD SHATTER REDUCTION SCORE: 9 = Low risk of Shatter, 1 = High Risk of Shatter
  • LODGING SCORE: E = Excellent; V Good = Very Good; G = Good
  • PLANT HEIGHT: Tall;  MT = Medium Tall; Medium • EARLY GROWTH: E = Excellent; V Good = Very Good; G = Good
  • OIL CONTENT: Oil content is compared to long-term check. Pioneer® brand 45H33. A change of one score represents approximately one percent difference in oil content

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You deserve less downside.

Don’t be left holding the bag when heat blast hits. Available exclusively with Brevant® seeds Nexera® canola, The Heat Advantage™ provides up to $100/ac of built-in protection against heat blast. Conditions apply.

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Powerful Hybrids

Our hybrids offer consistent and reliable performance, leading genetics and local testing, so you can be confident they will perform on your farm.

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Brevant® seeds D3158CM offers high yields and consistent performance with the strength of flexible harvest options and the clubroot trait.

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Brevant® seeds B2030MN has very good early growth, clubroot and blackleg resistance and comes with the Clearfield® and the Nexera® trait.

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Brevant® seeds B1030N is a high-yielding hybrid with an excellent clubroot and blackleg package, plus strong standability. It comes with the Nexera® trait.

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Leading the industry in clubroot resistance

As one of two premium seed brands offered by Corteva Agriscience, we continue to advance new sources of clubroot resistance to help Western Canadian farmers better manage this growing threat. Today, you can choose from a portfolio of Brevant clubroot resistant canola hybrids for your farm. 

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