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Grain Corn Hybrids You Can Count On

Brevant’s focused portfolio of grain corn hybrids gives you consistent, reliable results.

Every hybrid we offer delivers leading genetics for strong agronomic performance and high yield potential. With our grain corn hybrids, you have access to the Enlist™ weed control system, PowerCore™ genetics, SmartStax® insect protection and more.


Grain Corn Product Guide

Final population recommendations are based on 30" rows planted under standard growing conditions.

Adjust populations accordingly; lower for drought-prone and less productive soils, and increase for higher fertility and moist conditions.


Plant Height:

VT = Very Tall; T = Tall; MT = Medium-Tall; M = Medium; MS = Medium-Short; S = Short


Ear Height:

H = High; MH = Moderately High; M = Moderate; ML = Moderately Low; L = Low


Ear Type:

F = Flex; SF = Semi-Flex; SD = Semi-Determinant; D = Determinant


1 = Poor; 9 = Excellent; R = Recommended;- = Rating not available


Herbicide Tolerance:

RR2 = glyphosate; LL = Liberty


Final plant population recommendations include assumptions that soil fertility and moisture holding capacity are sufficient to sustain the crop at recommended populations. Corn CHU ratings shown are for Eastern Canada; typically corn CHU ratings for Western Canada would be 100-150 heat units less.

RR2 = Roundup Ready® Corn 2

SSX = SmartStax®

RA = Refuge Advanced®

PW = PowerCore®

Discover Our Leading Hybrids

Rows of corn


A AcreMax traits with shorter statured hybrid and good grain quality, good agronomic and disease package plus good stress emergence for difficult soil conditions.

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Featuring high yielding 95 RM product for both grain & silage. Especially adapted to Eastern conditions, Good ear mould tolerance. Very good drydown and strong stress emergence for cooler soils.

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New leader for 100 RM and provide good root strength and stalk strength, very good drought tolerance. This hybrid have above average test weight.

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