Agronomy •  2022-03-04

Brevant® seeds corn and Delegate™ insecticide with Jemvelva™ active (spinetoram), the Perfect Pair

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Delegate and Brevant corn are the perfect pair

At Brevant® seeds, we strive to provide farmers with the best genetics, agronomic traits and technology. Our corn hybrids are locally tested in your area. When you pair Brevant seeds corn with Delegate™ insecticide with Jemvelva™ active, you protect your corn crop against Western Bean Cutworm (WBC).

Western Bean Cutworm is a perennial threat to Ontario corn growers. WBC feeding reduces grain yield and quality, and increases the risk of mycotoxins in the grain. Yield loss due to infestation of one WBC larva per ear has been estimated to reach 15 bu/ac. In Ontario, the risk of mycotoxin development in grain, even from small amounts of WBC injury, is of greater importance.1

Identifying WBC

how to identify WBC

Adult WBC moths have a white band along the margin, a full moon and a boomerang shape on each wing. WBC egg masses are pearly white and turn purple when they are within a few days of hatching.


Scouting for WBC egg masses can be difficult and time consuming. Using pheromone traps to track moth flight activity can help target the timing of scouting efforts. More information on pheromone traps can be found here and scouting can be found here.

Action Threshold for Corn

When there is an accumulation of 5% of the plants scouted with fresh egg masses or small larvae over a 2-3 week scouting period, threshold has been reached. For example, if during the first scouting trip 2% (2 out of 100) of the plants have egg masses on them, then five days later during the second scouting trip there were 3% (3 out of 100) of the plants with fresh egg masses, then threshold has been reached.1

The Solution

When you need to control WBC, Delegate insecticide provides quick knockdown and residual control to protect your corn crop. Apply Delegate at egg hatch to small larvae stage. The translaminar activity provides additional protection against WBC with resistance to wash off by rain. A favourable environmental profile, minimal impact on beneficials and unique mode of action make Delegate ideal for your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Get long-lasting control of WBC and high yields with Brevant seeds corn hybrids and Delegate insecticide, it’s the perfect pairing. Consult your local retailer or our product guide for more information.