Agronomy •  2022-02-14

Phytophthora, the sneaky slow yield robber

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soybean pods

Phytophthora is the number one disease in soybeans in North America and can significantly reduce yields. It often occurs on heavy or compacted soils or in low and wet areas of the field.   It can also occur in well drained fields where there have been consistent rains and the soil is saturated for 7-14 days. 

Phytophthora can infect soybeans at any growth stage from seeding to maturity. Early season symptoms include seed rot and pre- and post-emergence damping off. Phytophthora root rot is most recognizable as having a dark brown lesion on the lower stem that extends up from the taproot of the plant. The lesion often reaches as high as several nodes and will girdle soybean stems, restricting flow of nutrients and water, and stunting or killing the plant.1

Once you have Phytophthora root rot (PRR), it’s not going away, so having a strategy to protect your crop is the best option.2

Brevant® seeds soybeans feature the latest in soybean technology with excellent disease resistance packages. Genetic resistance to phytophthora is an important part of controlling the impacts of the disease. 

When you order Brevant seeds soybeans with the fungicide option you get the advanced seed treatment Lumisena™ , this is just as important as choosing a soybean variety with built in phytophthora resistance.

Lumisena fungicide seed treatment provides the most advanced seed-applied technology to protect against phytophthora and is available on all Brevant seeds soybeans. The LumiGEN™ mark of assurance means seed treatments from Corteva Agriscience are designed, verified and proven in the field to protect Brevant seed. 

Lumisena fungicide seed treatment is the only seed-applied technology that delivers residual protection across multiple stages of the phytophthora pathogen’s life cycle. Lumisena also enhances emergence and vigour to maximize yield potential and improve soybean plant stands. Seed treatment research has demonstrated that Lumisena will provide an average yield advantage of 1.4 bushels more than existing seed treatments.

The best strategy against phytophthora in your soybean crop is a combination of in plant resistance and seed treatment.  Remember that  in wet conditions, phytophthora can occur in any field and it is usually found in heavy, wet soils and compacted areas. Choosing Brevant seeds brand soybeans with Lumisena seed treatment is a strong protection strategy against phytophthora root rot.