Agronomy •  2022-01-07

Choosing the Perfect Trio for your Corn Fields

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Brevant soybeans, lumivia and lontrel make the perfect trio

Choose Brevant® seeds corn hybrids for strong yields and solid agronomics, protect it with Lumivia™ insecticide seed treatment from early season insects, and apply Lontrel™ XC herbicide to keep it weed free. That’s a winning trio that’s hard to beat.

Brevant seeds grain corn hybrids offer leading genetics for strong agronomic performance and high yield potential giving you consistent, reliable yields. With our grain corn hybrids, you have access to Optimum® AcreMax®, the above-ground insect protection trait, and for above-and below-ground insect protection traits we offer Qrome®, Optimum® AcreMax® Xtreme and SmartStax®.

Some of our key performers you’ll want in your field this year:

B91T25AM™ - 2650 CHU

  • Exciting yield potential combined with solid agronomics
  • Avoid planting into cold, wet soils to complement average stress emergence
  • Strong Northern corn leaf blight tolerance
  • Above average test weight


B93C41AM/Q™ - 2750 CHU

  • Broadly adapted hybrid across most soil and yield environments
  • Good stress emergence suitable for early planting and no-till
  • Strong disease tolerance for Northern corn leaf blight and Goss`s wilt
  • Good drought stress tolerance
  • Above average test weight


B96H83AM™ - 2850 CHU

  • High yield potential
  • Excellent drought tolerance for positioning on coarse textured soils
  • Above average stalk strength and very good staygreen, highly suitable for late harvest
  • Average test weight and leaf disease tolerance


 B00R96AM/AMXT™ - 3000 CHU

  • Outstanding drought stress tolerance with Optimum® AQUAMax trait
  • Good root strength and stalk strength, very good drought tolerance
  • Above average test weight


B07M64Q/AM™ - 3200 CHU

  • Highly suitable for early planting
  • Increased yield potential can be achieved at moderate planting rates
  • Significant root and stalk strength


To ensure you maximize your seed investment, order your seed with Lumivia, the trusted standard insecticide corn seed treatment. Lumivia provides excellent broad-spectrum protection against key early season insects including wireworms, white grub, cutworms and seedcorn maggots. Your crop will be protected by a Group 28 anthranilic diamide insecticide that remains concentrated in key areas of the corn plant after planting and protects through germination to the V5 growth stage while improving early season vigor. Lumivia provides seedling protection to develop uniform and healthy stands that maximize yield potential.

Controlling tough perennial broadleaves like Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and vetch can be a challenge in your corn crop. Lontrel XC herbicide gets to the root of the problem and puts the polish on your corn weed control program. It contains clopyralid, a highly systemic herbicide active that translocates down to the roots to provide lasting control. Lontrel XC also controls Canada fleabane, giant ragweed and common ragweed including glyphosate resistant biotypes.  It provides excellent crop safety up to the 8-leaf stage of corn. Clopyralid can be used on any corn hybrid, even those that are sensitive to benzoic acids.

Using Lontrel XC herbicide and Lumivia insecticide seed treatment on your Brevant seeds corn hybrid is the perfect trio that will provide you with peace of mind during the growing season and high yields at harvest.