Feature Story •  2021-02-01

Brevant® seeds B3010M canola and Lumiderm™ seed treatment, the perfect pair.

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Lorne Thoen, Product Manager – Seed Applied Technology, Fungicides & Optinyte and Debbie Stiles, Product Manager – Canola

Brevant® seeds works hard to provide Western Canadian farmers with the easy choice. As the retail seed brand from Corteva Agriscience™, we’re doing just that by offering you everything you need under one roof to make the most of every acre.

Locally tested in your area and proven to be high-performing, B3010M is renowned for providing industry-leading clubroot resistance (new source CR3) and impressive standability that leads to greater flexibility at harvest time. Our lineup of advanced crop protection solutions includes Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment, the perfect pairing for our B3010M canola hybrid with the LibertyLink® trait

Here is why you should always treat your B3010M canola with Lumiderm seed treatment:

Helps protect your investment

You invest in land, and you invest in genetics to plant in that land. When you choose the high-yielding and best-in-class genetics of the B3010M canola hybrid, it makes sense to protect your investment with an advanced seed treatment. Lumiderm contains a unique Group 28 insecticide that provides enhanced crucifer and striped flea beetle protection and control of early season cutworms. Without insect pressure, your B3010M canola can use its energy to grow, establish a bigger, stronger foundation faster and produce the high yields it is known for. In addition to mitigating your risk against insect damage, Lumiderm can also provide a substantial boost in plant vigour and biomass.

Gives your canola the best start possible

When you are dealing with tight cropping rotations and challenging early season growing conditions, you need to ensure your canola gets through the critical stages of seedling growth. In those early days when your plant is vulnerable, Lumiderm provides up to 35 days of protection from insect damage, allowing your B3010M canola to grow big and strong. Your plant moves through the stages from two leaves to four leaves, to cabbaging out, to bolting and flowering much faster, becoming more even. This is ideal for the B3010M hybrid as it contains the HarvestMax trait for your choice of harvest timing for maximum yield management. With the HarvestMax trait and an even crop, your harvest management decision becomes much easier.

LumiGEN™ mark of assurance

When you purchase your Brevant canola seed with Lumiderm, you are receiving the LumiGEN mark of assurance that our seed treatments are built for success on our genetics like B3010M. LumiGEN is the overarching seed treatment portfolio brand exclusive to the seed brands of Corteva Agriscience. This guarantees our seed treatments like Lumiderm are designed, verified and proven in the field with our genetics. Each year, hundreds of product concept combinations are evaluated and tested in real fields on real farms ensuring you get the most out of your canola crop.