Brevant® seeds 1028 RR canola and Acapela™ fungicide, the perfect pair.

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brevant and acapela equal the perfect pair

Lorne Thoen, Product Manager – Seed Applied Technology, Fungicides & Optinyte and Debbie Stiles, Product Manager – Canola

There’s no shortage of things for Canadian canola growers to worry about these days. Clubroot is making its presence known across the Prairies, blackleg is ever evolving, and sclerotinia (white mould) is present in every field in Western Canada.

At Brevant® seeds, our goal is to help make farmers’ decisions easier by providing you with the best genetics and the latest innovations from Corteva Agriscience™. The lineup of advanced crop protection solutions from Corteva includes Acapela™ fungicide, the perfect pairing for the Brevant seeds 1028 Roundup Ready canola hybrid.  

While Brevant 1028 RR canola has both clubroot and blackleg resistance built in, you should still consider spraying Acapela for a healthier canola crop and higher yield potential. Here are the top reasons why you should pair Acapela with 1028 RR canola: 

Sclerotinia protection

1028 RR canola has you covered for clubroot and blackleg, but it is still vulnerable to sclerotinia. The sclerotinia pathogen is present in every field in Western Canada and has the potential to drastically reduce yields. The same humid growing environment that leads to high yields also promotes the highest incidence of the disease. If two or three inches of rain falls in early June and leads to 100 per cent humidity in your crop canopy at 20-to-50 per cent canola bloom, apply Acapela to ensure the sclerotinia spores don’t infect your canola, or at the very least, minimize the disease outbreak and its impact on your profit. Acapela is also the only group 11 fungicide that controls sclerotinia in canola and while we don’t have sclerotinia resistance at the moment, it’s wise to rotate your fungicides - especially when you don’t have to sacrifice yield. 

Unique Movement Properties

Acapela has four unique movement properties that quickly and efficiently surround, penetrate and protect the leaf and stem to prevent infection on the entire plant. This leads to more consistent performance, healthier crops and higher yield potential in your 1028 RR canola. Rapid absorption also means the broad-spectrum herbicide moves quickly into and within each plant, allowing application to occur even when field conditions are challenging. 

Marketing Choice and Increased Profit

Brevant 1028 RR is available for Nexera® Production Contracts. By planting Brevant 1028 RR for Nexera contracts, growers get high-yielding genetics, increased profit of their canola acres, diversity in their market opportunity, and the opportunity to participate in the healthy oils (Omega 9) market. If you grow 1028 RR canola (or any of the Brevant canola hybrids), you are also eligible for our Flex+ Rewards Program. With Flex+ Rewards, you receive savings of up to 18 per cent on eligible crop protection products such as Acapela when you purchase both crop protection and seed products in Western Canada from Corteva Agriscience™.

When you add it all up, pairing 1028 RR canola with Acapela is the perfect disease control strategy for farmers, providing the complete coverage and superior protection you need to lock in high yields this growing season.