Ripe winter wheat


Look to Brevant® seeds for winter wheat varieties that deliver fast emergence, great standability, solid disease resistance and high yields.

  • - Above average winter survival
  • - Good overall disease tolerance
  • - Excellent seed and test weight
Registered for sale in Ontario

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Wheat Footnotes

IMPORTANT: Information and ratings are based on comparisons with other Brevant brand products, not competitive products. Information and ratings are assigned by Corteva Agronomists and Research Managers, based on average performance across area of adaptation under normal conditions, over a wide range of both climate and soil types, and may not predict future results. Product responses are variable and subject to any number of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Please use this information as only part of your product positioning decision. Refer to www. or contact a Brevant seeds retailer for the latest and most complete listing of traits and scores for each Brevant brand product and for product placement and management suggestions specific to your operation and local conditions.

PLANT HEIGHT: 9 = Outstanding; 1 = Poor. Lower scores = shorter