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Our All-New Rewards Program for Western Canada Is Here!

Flex+ Rewards gives you the flexibility to make the best agronomic decisions for your farm while saving money for your operation.

With Flex+ Rewards, you receive savings of up to 18% on eligible crop protection products, when you purchase both crop protection and seed products in Western Canada from Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Divison of DowDuPont.

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Save on eligible crop protection and seed products from December 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019

For the 2019 crop year, all of our solutions are now under one umbrella to deliver performance and value as part of our overall crop production package.


Flex+ Rewards is based on the total dollar purchase amounts of seed and crop protection products.


Flex+ Rewards is designed with flexibility so you have the power to choose from each category, and make the best agronomic choices for your farm inputs while maximizing savings.

*Minimum 300 acres per category.


Save an extra 1% when you purchase a minimum of 300 acres of Pioneer® brand seed or Brevant™ seeds!



Book by March 15, 2019 and save 3% on any combination of Corteva Agriscience products.


Save 2% more when your product is invoiced and picked up by April 15, 2019.


Up to 18% rebate paid on these products. (minimum 300 acres per category).


Korrex™ II, with SoilActive™ technology, provides superior pre-seed control of all forms of kochia, including glyphosate resistant kochia, and other tough broadleaf weeds for up to two weeks after application.


Paradigm™ for pre-seed controls your toughest weeds, including Group 2 resistant cleavers and hemp-nettle ahead of wheat and barley. Apply Paradigm for pre-seed, with SoilActive™ technology, to control weeds on the surface and those that have yet to emerge for up to two weeks after application.


Use PrePass™ FLEX with SoilActive™ technology in the spring or fall for effective pre-seed control of broadleaf and grass weeds ahead of cereals.




Liquid Achieve SC delivers trusted grass control in barley and wheat, with flexible application timing, rates and tank-mix options.


Wild Oats Rate

Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide provides elite wild oat control, including Group 1 resistant wild oats in a convenient, easy-to-use GoDRI formulation.


Excellent Group 2 control of wild oats, including Group 1 resistant wild oats and Japanese brome in a convenient, easy-to-use formulation.



Attain XC provides extra-concentrated excellence on 40 of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds in all soil zones in western Canada. 


Cirpreme™ XC herbicide provides fail-safe control of the most persistent annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley, helping your crops to thrive. 


Frontline XL is the trusted standard in flexible, reliable broadleaf weed control for cereal growers in the black soil zone. 


Upgrade to a new level of broadleaf weed control in wheat, durum and barley. 


An Arylex active herbicide that delivers trusted annual broadleaf weed control with maximum flexibility.


For the cleanest cereal crops, year after year, growers trust Prestige XC.


Spectrum delivers exceptional control of dandelion, thistle and hemp nettle in cereals.


Early-season, superior broadleaf weed control with a convenient, all-in-one formulation.




Rexade™ is a complete wheat herbicide that offers convenient and effective grass and broadleaf weed control.


Rezuvant™ herbicide with Arylex™ active combines leading Group 1 grass weed control with outstanding broadleaf technology. Count on it for safe and flexible crop protection in barley.


Use Tandem to control problem grass and broadleaf weeds in wheat. It’s the tougher, easier, total-acre solution.


Avenza is powerful broadleaf weed control combined with trusted Group 1 chemistry.


Use tridem to engineered for the brown soil zones to handle the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds.




Protect your crops against disease with a one-of-a-kind fungicide.



Accent has all you need in grassy weed control in corn: excellent control, crop safety, wide window of application and re-cropping flexibility.


Eclipse XC is designed for Roundup Ready canola and delivers broad-spectrum weed control of tough weeds like wild buckwheat and Canada thistle, plus Multi-Mode of Action control of key weeds.


Use Salute to maximize your Clearfield canola production with first class in-crop, broad-spectrum weed control.


Sortan IS corn herbicide removes early season weed pressure from volunteer Roundup Ready® canola in corn.


Corn growers look to Ultim herbicide for proven control of annual grasses and quackgrass. Also registered in blueberries.



**Bonus Seed Category is a category and tier money builder, but is not payable. Acres are calculated using registered application rates. Always read and follow label directions.

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